Go Natural with the Green Team

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At the Green Team, we believe that landscape management is about working with nature, rather than against it.  By designing, planting, watering, fertilizing and maintaining a property strategically, we can create a landscape that contributes to a healthier and safer environment for all to enjoy.

Our primary focus is to serve customers who want to create a vibrant landscape without synthetic chemical applications.  However, we also work with customers who wish to use limited, selected chemicals.  We can discuss the best options for you by offering clarity about the methods and strategies we employ.

The Green Team works with a variety of clients and is able to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and municipal properties.

Natural Lawn Care 6-Step Program

Our 6-Step Fertility Program, uniquely designed by The Green Team, encourages the growth of a dense lawn that out competes weeds without the use of chemical herbicide applications.  It is intended for clients who wish to invest in the health of their lawn by improving soil quality and soil structure.  By committing to soil quality you can expect to see results over a multi-year period.  This is not a short-term solution; however, trust that much is at work below the surface.  Implementing our 6-Step Program boosts turf fertility, water infiltration, and reduces dependence on chemicals.  The result is a healthier lawn that is safer for you, your family and the environment.

How long does it take to see results?  Results depend on existing soil quality, existing turf quality, level of wear and tear on the lawn, mowing height and level of recent chemical applications.  We often recommend additional services like aeration and overseeding in addition to the 6-step Program to foster earlier results.

Step 1 | Compost Tea

  • A liquid application, an extract of microbe-rich compost

  • Promotes plant and soil health, rejuvenating tired soils that have had severe wear or frequent chemical applications

  • Once activated, beneficial soil microorganisms unlock existing mineral nutrients in the soil and make them available to plants

  • Improves soil structure through air and water infiltration

  • Breaks down thatch

  • Boost turf resilience and prepares it for summer stress

Step 2 | Signature Organic Fertilizer

  • Supplies nutrients to the soil after they are broken down and consumed by microbes

  • A slow release method, preventing nutrient runoff and protecting our waterways

  • More fertilizer is made available at the appropriate time of year

  • No danger of burning the lawn

Step 3 | Summer Stress Reducer

  • Liquid application designed to reduce summer stress for your turf

  • Blend includes compost tea, soluble sea kelp for trace minerals, and humic acid to assist with mineral uptake

  • Lawns in southern Wisconsin consist of cool season grasses, meaning they prefer temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees. Above these temperatures, the grasses slow their growth or go dormant, particularly during periods of drought.

  • Summer Stress Reducer provides natural compounds that help plants prepare for the summer heat

Step 4 | Mineral Blend

  • Over the past seven years, the Green Team staff have tested and surveyed hundreds of local soils to determine commonalities. Based on this study, we developed a special mineral blend to incorporate into the 5-Step Program to best aid soil types in southern Wisconsin.

  • Consists of calcium and humic acid sources designed to loosen soil structure and help nutrients cycle throughout

  • Complements our compost and compost teas

  • You do not need to water the lawn, however, rainfall or watering helps the minerals to break down and move into the soil profile

Step 5 | Signature Organic Fertilizer

  • Second application to ensure nutrient absorption at the end of the season

Step 6  | Core Aeration 

  • Opens up air passages in the root zone allowing lawn roots to spread more densely throughout the soil

  • Improves water infiltration, reducing stormwater runoff

  • Aeration cores will be visible on the soil surface, but will break down and be unnoticeable after two weeks

Additional Lawn Care Services

Full Lawn Renovation

  • Recommended for early Spring or Fall

  • Includes pre-raking of debris, double density aeration, heavy compost, and dense seeding

Pricing and Billing 

Compost Dusting at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Natural Lawn Care Services are offered as a package.  The 6-Step Program and Lawn Renovation are our minimum service offerings, allowing us to provide the best possible results for your property. From there, you may choose additional services. The base fee for Natural Lawn Care Services is $300, with the price of each application adjusted based on square footage. 

To work with our client's budgets, we offer three options for billing:

  • Total cost upfront

  • Services totaling less than $2,500: two-time billing 50% due prior to scheduling and 50% due July 31

  • Services totaling over $2,500: 8-time monthly billing with first payment due prior to scheduling

NOTE: In order to start any services, an initial payment must be made.